It all started with a pulsing beam of microwave energy
to irradiate the ambassador in Moscow. We know about this
from animal testing and simplified Russian revolutionary history:
a time of chaos and sinister color when
anomolous phenomena was tested on political dissidents.
Later: Einstein, Freud, and Messing met in a smoky room
sending psychic messages, predicting Hitler's death, robbing banks
then slipping through plain view into the films of the premier telekinetic medium
as if pulled by the electromagnetic energy fields she manipulated to make frog hearts explode;
psychic mind control for when your insurance provider denies assassination coverage
and you have to use zombie agents to fix the chess match and boost national pride.
When the man with no face arrived on the scene to restore morale through
acoustic radiation and microwaves trained to hypnotize
we dropped acid and the communists tried to kill the pope,
heard the fuckin pinko zombie agents even shot Kennedy.
Steeped in the occult history of Rasputin, Tunguska leveled forests
and fireballs in the sky colliding in deafening explosions
they really just want the alien technology to fly circles around
us: mystified by Sputnik psychic senders and Cuban missile crises.
Meanwhile, undetected in arctic waters the Nautilus receives
long distance psychic calls; mental images fly over the vast
Siberian expanse, connecting to a telepathic infrastructure beyond the reach of our senses but
remotely viewed from Special Dept. #8. where in low frequency anticipation
images from a trance unfold: (1) detailed topographic maps, (2) a Typhoon-class submarine where a man sits, his mind penetrating time, (3) military grade psychics in formation walking through a minefield, slowly, (4) electric photography capturing the radiant life-field that surrounds

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