The Earth wobbles more than it used to
and magnetic north is drifting through the
membrane that separates sky and space,
the atmosphere Tesla wanted to make glow
and shield from missiles or radiation but caused
ionospheric disturbances breaking up satellite communication:
radio frequencies arousing the spinning, speeding molecules
until they sweat and glisten
reflecting the mountains, caverns, subterranean
oil wells uncovered through thirty feet of rock,
shaking the earth.
From Athabaskan land in Alaska
haarp songs paint the sky, squeezing
megawatts into gigawatts in defiance of chaos;
indifferent to butterfly wings or lightning
bolts striking the soil.

The satellites are creating holes in heaven
and we don't even know the peak power of an antenna's
pulse as it sends electromagnetic data
coursing through clouds and mingling
with currents of the Auroral ElectroJet,
stimulating filaments and penetrating underground
in rivers of electricity, x-rays, and ELF waves.

But we only think at fourteen cycles per second
and these frequencies can be generated!
which fuck with our emotions and even children
know that minds can be controlled;
after all we are mostly energy, or at least water and waste
equally bioregulated by the earth and
mimicking signals of passivity and anxiety
like needing to piss so bad your teeth are floating.

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